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K-POLYGONE has provided the evidence of its commitment to the development and implementation of the quality management system and continually improving its effectiveness by:

(A) Communicating to the organization the importance of meeting customers as well as statutory and regulatory requirements like state electricity board and weight & Measure department. The minutes of Management Review Meeting include the discussion on above point.

(B)  Top Management has established the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives.

(C)  All the Branches are requested to identify the resources required to meet the contractual obligations and the same is compiled by the MR and discussed in the MRM.

K-POLYGONE has adopted eight quality management principles for the use by top management to manage it in a systematic & visible manner to lead the organization towards improved performance. These Quality management principles are listed below:

1)      CUSTOMER FOCUS: Since company is dedicated to its customer therefore understands the current & future customer needs, meet their requirements & strive to exceed their customer expectations.

2)      LEADERSHIP: The management establishes the unity of purpose & direction of the organization; therefore, it creates & maintains the internal environment, in which people of the organization become fully involved in achieving its objectives.

3)      INVOLVEMENT OF PEOPLE: People at all levels are the essence of organization & their full involvement enables their abilities to be used for the organization’s benefit.

4)      PROCESS APPROACH: A desired result is achieved more efficiently when activities & their related processes are managed as a process.

5)      SYSTEM APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT: Identifying, understanding & managing interrelated processes as a system contributes to the organization’s effectiveness & efficiency in achieving its objectives.

6)      CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT: Continual improvement of the organization’s overall performance is the permanent objective of the organization

7)      FACTUAL APPROACH TO DECISION MAKING: Effective decisions are based on the analysis of the data & information

8)      MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP: The Company & its suppliers are interdependent & a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability of both to create value.


All the requirements needed to the product including statutory and regulatory requirement are obtained from the customers through the order raised by them. Customers are requested to give the feedback on the level of their satisfaction on the product and services provided by the organization. This helps the organization to enhance the customer satisfaction continually. So, Customer focus Criterion includes the following:

·         Customer Feedback

·         Response time.


K-POLYGONEE continues the legacy of many generations of systems committed to the highest standard of service. We provide quality upon honestly. Our principle of ensuring id based on:

Meeting the client contractual and regulatory requirements. Meeting quality objectives by implementing controlled working practices. Delivering on time. Achieving added value from available budgets.

To bring the quality objectives to the focal point of operations, a quality management system based on ISO 9001: 2008 is implemented. ISO certificate n° : 78000/A/0001/UK/En

They shall involve people at all levels, shall be reviewed for continual improvement based on a factual approach. The implementation shall be conducted based on the analysis of the data & information.


Chairman  of the Group K-POLYGONE